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9/17/2018: WTI Up 1.4 Percent But Stays Sideways

West Texas Intermediate benchmark continues trend.

9/17/2018: Trump Relaxes Obama Curbs on Flaring Gas From Wells on US Land

The Trump administration finalized a rollback of Obama-era limits on methane that is leaked, vented or flared from oil and gas wells on federal lands.

9/17/2018: Oil Rises as Saudis Said to Be Content with Prices Over $80

Oil rose as Saudi Arabia was said to be comfortable with Brent crude exceeding $80 a barrel.

9/17/2018: Shell UK Outlines New Work Rota for Central North Sea Assets

Shell UK reveals Tuesday that it will change its offshore operating model on its central North Sea assets.

9/17/2018: OPEC Warns of Threats to Oil Supply from Iran and Other Producers

The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries is concerned by threats to crude supply from large producers such as Iran, according to the group's top official.

9/16/2018: Crude See-Saws as Supply Crunch Muted by Impending Demand Drop

Oil capped recent gains as international supply concerns were overshadowed by a looming demand drop.

9/16/2018: Tale of Two Oil Markets: Brent Bulls Split From US Optimists

For oil investors, this is both the best of times and the worst of times, depending on which crude benchmark you trade.

9/15/2018: Oil Magnate Riddell Dies at Age 81

Clayton Riddell, who founded Canadian oil company Paramount Resources Ltd. and co-owned the NHL's Calgary Flames ice hockey team, has died.

9/16/2018: UK Union Postpones North Sea Strike

UK union Unite postpones a 12-hour strike scheduled for Monday on the Alwyn, Dunbar and Elgin platforms in the North Sea.

9/16/2018: OPEC Sees Need to Keep Oil Supply Deal as Demand Faces Headwinds

OPEC needs to keep working with other oil producers to manage global supplies as demand for crude faces 'headwinds,' the head of the organization said.