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1/23/2019: Oil Slides Below $53

Oil slid below $53 a barrel as a darkening outlook for the global economy and signs of rising U.S. inventories overshadowed the risk of American sanctions on OPEC member Venezuela's crude.

1/22/2019: 2018 Year-End Oil Price Declines Won't Stop Texas Oil Industry Growth

Texas oil economist Karr Ingham said the end-of-year price drop doesn't mean the end of growth and expansion in Texas upstream oil and gas.

1/22/2019: Crude Oil Edges Downward

Seasoned oil market watcher sees WTI holding support level.

1/22/2019: Trump Recognizes Guaido as Venezuela Leader

President Trump recognizes Juan Guaido as the interim president of Venezuela minutes after the opposition leader declared himself the head of state.

1/22/2019: Oil CEOs at Davos See Market Rebalancing

The oil market is gradually returning to balance as OPEC reins in output and the US shale boom slows, according to executives gathered at Davos.

1/22/2019: Full Impact of Shale Revolution Not Yet Seen

We have not seen the full impact of the shale revolution yet, according to the IEA's executive director.

1/22/2019: Oil Holds Losses Near $53

Oil held its losses from Tuesday at near $53 a barrel as pessimism over the prospects for a US-China trade deal clouded the global economic outlook.

1/21/2019: Crude Oil Futures Falter

Two individuals notably absent from Swiss ski resort are making their mark.

1/21/2019: Frac Water Demand in US Skyrockets

New research by Rystad Energy finds that the demand for frac water in the US has more than doubled since 2016.

1/21/2019: Halliburton Receives International Gains to Close Out 2018

The oilfield services giant saw $5.9 billion in revenue in the fourth quarter of 2018.